A Few Words:

If this recording is about anything, it's about "Honest Emotion."

This project for me, simply had to be. It's been a very cathartic process personally. I also needed to acknowledge, and pay tribute to some very important people in my life, in the language that was and is dearest to us, music.

The challenges along the way were many, but the rewards realized now overshadow those challenges.

Learning to record in the "digital box" for me was as exciting, as it was at times, overwhelming.. When I could finally get to play an actual keyboard, guitar, bass or sing, I was "home," back in my analog comfort zone. This dog learned some new tricks along the way.

The other lesson reaffirmed, is that for all the "do it yourself" capabilities we now have at our disposal, there is simply no substitute for working with other people and having them bring their particular expertise to the project. As you will hear, some incredibly talented folks joined me in this effort.

To everyone who helped bring this recording to fruition, friends and musicians alike, who encouraged me forward in countless ways, I offer a most heartfelt
"Thank You!"


This project is lovingly dedicated to my family, and to the memory of Charlotte and Jack Frichtel, Coleman Mellett, Gerry Niewood, Don Alias, Chuck Sabatino and Jim Johnpoll.