"If You Believe": Initially written when I was a very young man just getting started in life... finished as a older "young at heart" man, with a past to reflect back on. Belief, when coupled with doing (belief set in motion) means... big smiles!

"Here With You": This song was realized on a flight from CA to VA, to be with my Dad, as he started his chemotherapy and radiation treatments for lung cancer. The song didn't spare his life, but he did hear it, liked it and it's sentiments. This is also a "tip of the cap" to the great horn bands I grew up with.. BS&T, Chicago, Tower Of Power, Cold Blood, James Brown, The Electric Flag, Buddy Miles Express, etc, etc... Love those "horn dawgs."

"I Dig You Anyway" (The Relationship Song): Inspired by the yin and yang of all relationships... Ukes and Trombones... speaking of yin and yang!

"When You Were Here": This song is lovingly dedicated to Coleman Mellett and Gerry Niewood, who perished along with 47 others, when Continental flight 3407 crashed approaching Buffalo, NY on 2/12/2009. We had been friends and band mates in Chuck Mangione's band, performing worldwide together since 2000. Those nine years include some of the very brightest moments of my life, personally and professionally. 

"Here We Go": Got war? America certainly does. "War, what is it good for, absolutely nothin"..... Edwin Starr.

"Cell Phone Misery": I much preferred life before these "smart" instruments of endless distraction, self absorption, and digital addiction took over the planet.

"Closing The Door": My dear friend Jim Johnpoll, decided that the "other side" would be better than what he was experiencing here, so he checked himself out. Handsome, bright, funny, kind, passionate. Never, ever, would I have thought this would be his fate. As J would say, "my man"... We miss ya J.

"Lil Bird": Some amazing photos, sent to me by my cousin, were responsible for "Lil Bird." Thanks TL! Here is the link to the photos: http://scienceblogs.com/grrlscientist/2008/10/31/one-of-lifes-tiny-dramas/

"Half A Moon": This song was written by my dear friend and a great songwriter/artist, Lynn Biddick. I fell in love with "Half A Moon" the moment I heard it, and I had to give it a go. Please visit: http://www.lynnbiddick.com

"Honest Emotion": Michael McDonald John Goodwin and I penned this one in Nashville. One of the greatest poetry slams I've ever witnessed took place as this lyric was honed. Both Michael and John draw from especially prodigious poetic paint sets.

"Angel Call": A meditation... a song realized in and remembered from a vivid dream. I recorded the guitar early one morning after waking from that dream... Later that afternoon, I received the call that my Dad had passed... "Angel Call" seemed like a fitting title.
"Take All My Love": This was another one written many years ago, when I was spending a lot of time plunking at the piano. The song's scenario was projected and imagined then. I have since lived this song, so it's poignant for me now.

"Marie": Simply one of my all time favorite songs, from one of my all time musical heroes. I first heard Randy Newman perform "Marie" in Cambridge, Mass many years ago when I was a "preppy." That performance still remains as one of the clarion musical moments of my life.

"Coley's Smile": Coleman Mellett's grin was as much his signature in life, as his brilliant musicianship ... This little tune reminds me of his endlessly happy, generous, playful, loving spirit, especially as it is portrayed here by Bob Sneider and Paul Hofmann. Bob and Paul recorded this in Hatch Recital Hall, Eastman School Of Music with John Truebger engineering. There are no overdubs, no recording trickery here... just two incredible musicians going for it, and "gettin' it!" Please visit: http://www.mhrrecords.com for more of Bob and Paul's artistry.
Coleman Mellett and Gerry Niewood live on, in everything good and beautiful in life.