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Pat Thomi: Orchestration/ "Take All My Love"

Bernie Chiaravalle: Electric guitars/ "If You Believe" "Closing The Door" "Here We Go"
Ukuleles/ "I Dig You Anyway"

Ricki Montalbano: Electric piano/ "Lil Bird"

Matt Starr: Percussion/ "Lil Bird"

Nick Lane: Trombones/ "I Dig You Anyway"

Troy Dexter: Electric guitar/ "Cell Phone Misery"

Tollak Ollestad: Chromatic harmonica/ "Half A Moon"

Jim Fox: Electric guitar/ "When You Were Here"

Sam Riney: Alto flute/ "When You Were Here"

Bob Sneider: Guitar/ "Coley's Smile"

Paul Hofmann: Piano/ "Coley's Smile"

iMoi: Acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals 

Song Credits:

All songs writen by Chazz Frichtel: Chazmanian Music/SESAC (*except)

* "Honest Emotion" written by:
Michael McDonald/John Goodwin/Chazz Frichtel
Genevieve Music/ASCAP  Queen's Knight Music/BMI  Chazmanian Music/SESAC

* "Half A Moon" written by:
Lynn Biddick/Glorious Goat Music/BMI

* "Marie" written by: Randy Newman/WB Music Corp/ASCAP

Recorded/Mixed by Chazz Frichtel at La Petite Salle Studio, Culver City, CA
Additional mix assistance:
Mark Stacy

 Photography by Melanie Futorian copyright 2013