9/11/2014 Commemorative/So. Pasadena Library 

Pictured here with my dear friend Mark Hatch, as we're getting ready to play a 9/11 commemorative gig at the So. Pasadena  library.
We played "America" (muted tmpt & ac. guitar.... haunting!) and one of my original tunes "Tomorrow/Today." Mark as he always does, played so soulfully and beautifully.

Mark and I toured with Chaka in 82 (whoa!) and have played many gigs together over the years! Mark's not only a dear long time friend, but one of the finest peeps AND tmpt/flugelhorn players I know. He's an extra special cat on all fronts.

Amazingly enough, on 9/11, 13 years ago, I was in So. Korea with another great flugelhorn player... Chuck Mangione. Being out of the country then, made a heartbreaking, beyond surreal event, all the more so. Also yesterday, I thought of and felt my Mangione bandmates Don Alias, Coleman Mellett and Gerry Niewood who sadly, have since passed. We experienced 9/11 together in Seoul. Mark and I got to do yesterday, what they no longer can... play music together.

Yesterday was so poignant. As I recalled days gone by, I counted and recounted my many blessings, while simultaneously doing my best to stay present in the moment at hand. Talk about push/pull!

It was an honor to be asked to perform at this commemorative event, especially with my bud, "Mr. So. Pasadena," Mark Hatch!